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“Over 20 years ago, I discovered I had diabetes and was put on oral medication. After feeling awful for awhile I contacted a doctor referral line and they provided me with Dr.Safa’s name. I contacted him and he saw me immediately. After testing my A1C, Dr. Safa informed me that I needed to be on insulin. Though initially resistant to that idea, after talking to Dr. Safa he convinced me that I would feel wonderful after switching to insulin. I have learned over the last 20 years, he was absolutely correct. Dr. Safa has been with me through two pregnancies and numerous other non-diabetic medical issues. Dr. Safa is the only person I turn to whenever I have any type of medical condition, he has consistently provided me with referrals to other doctors and consulting.           – L.F., Vienna Patient

“I so appreciate the qualities of this truly outstanding physician – sensitivity, knowledge, kindness, a caring nature with true concern for the patient and dedicated persistence.”           – P.D., Woodbridge Patient

“I have been a patient during the past three years under Dr. Safa’s care and treatment. He not only diagnosed my disease precisely, he also referred me to a few very good specialists in their field. After I received the correct treatment, Dr. Safa and his team have continued to monitor and give me the best care. I really think EDC is the best clinic institute in this area. Dr. Safa and his staff are kind, considerate, extremely professional and knowledgeable. They are the nicest medical professionals I have ever had the pleasure of knowing.”           – T.L., Vienna Patient

“I don’t know how you do it… You’re always ready to help, even before being asked. You give so much of yourself and even after you’ve gone way past the extra mile, you always seem ready to go a bit further. It would be so nice if there were more people like you to help carry the load in this world. You’re a wonderful person who deserves all the good that’s bound to circle back your way. And because you are so important to so many, I’m really hoping you will take a little time to do as much for yourself as you do for others. May God richly bless you Dr. Safa.”           – M.E., Woodbridge Patient

“I’m thankful to Dr. Safa and his staff for the great attention given to me during my illness. I’m very happy to have him as my specialist. May he be blessed always.”           – T.E., Woodbridge Patient