The weight management program at Endocrine & Diabetes Center is different from many commercial weight loss programs that promote and sell nutritional products. We are specialized in managing metabolic disorders. We emphasize good clinical care, metabolic evaluation, correction/management of the underlying metabolic dysfunction, and strategies for successful long-term weight management. Our approach is highly tailored to each unique individual patient and clinical situation. The program is composed of the following:

  • Initial clinical evaluation including a complete history and physical examination.
  • Laboratory testing
  • EKG (if needed)
  • Nutritional evaluation and nutrition coaching.
  • Body composition analysis and follow-up testing
  • Behavior modification therapy
  • Exercise guidance
  • Prescription medications as clinically appropriate
  • Follow up visits at regular intervals.



  • Office visits:Initial and follow up office visits for evaluation and management with the physician or nurse practitioner will be billed to your insurance plan or Medicare. Follow-up visits will generally be scheduled once every 4 weeks, depending on the clinical situation, and will be available either in person or virtually.
  • Body Composition Analysis: This valuable evaluation, using InBody 570 is not covered by insurances or Medicare and will be $50 per evaluation. All the data obtained over the period of management will be longitudinally recorded and shared with you to track your progress.
  • Co-pay, co-insurance, and/or deductible: You will be responsible to pay for any of these items associated with your care at the time of service. You will also be responsible for any amount rejected or not covered by your insurance
  • Lab tests:The laboratory will bill the cost of lab tests to your insurance or Medicare as appropriate. We have the convenience of having a Quest Laboratory drawing station in our office. However, you are free to have your tests done at the laboratory of your choice.
  • If you do not have insurance coverage, you may discuss the cost with our receptionist.

 We look forward to serving you.