Endocrine & Diabetes Center is a private practice devoted to excellence in the evaluation and management of endocrine diseases, diabetes and metabolic disorders. The clinical staff is composed of a board-certified endocrinologist, two nurse practitioners and a dietitian, certified diabetes educator. The practice has an excellent regional reputation and receives large number of referrals from primary care physicians and specialty practices. We have expanded our practice to include evaluation and management of obesity.


Job Description:
The dietitian will evaluate, instruct and couch patients being treated for obesity in a comprehensive medical weight management program. There would be opportunity for involvement in diabetes education and management in the future.

Job Requirement:
• At least two years of experience in the physician’s office or a medical institution.
• Experience with electronic medical records is required.
• Part time employment.

Interested applicants may e-mail the resume to [email protected]
 or fax to (703)242-2437