Obesity is a public health crisis in the United States


A Critical Time to Treat

  • 32 million adults with diabetes
  • >100 million people with obesity (adults aged > 20
    (Approximately 40% of United States population)

It is impacted by

  • Physiological factors such as metabolic and hormonal responses to weight loss
  • Genetic and environmental factors
  • After weight loss, metabolic adaptation may result in increased signals for energy intake, due to changes in appetite-regulating hormones


Meal Plan Recommendations for Management of obesity

  • Limit high sugar foods including candy and sweets
  • Avoid fruit juice, regular soda, regular lemonade, and sweet tea
  • Choose more whole food items (whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, etc.) and less processed foods
  • Reduce carbohydrates with each meal.
  • See registered dietitian or a nutrition couch.
  • Choose lean meats, poultry, and fish
  • Limit fried foods
  • Start walking (if you do not have physical activity restrictions)
  • Make an appointment for a comprehensive obesity evaluation and management with our staff at the Endocrine and diabetes center. Call (703)938-8885 to make an appointment